Posted by: nickysmith | November 24, 2009

Kiva/Palestine Lending Team Goal

From my friend Mohammed working in Palestine:

As a Kiva Fellow currently working with two microfinance organizations in the West Bank (Palestinian Territories), I am embarking on a goal to strengthen the connection between Palestinian microentreprenuers and like-minded groups and individuals drawn to the Palestinian people and their cause.

If you are unfamiliar with Kiva, it’s an online lending platform that lets people lend to low-income entrepreneurs around the world to aid their businesses and help their livelihoods. One of my tasks as a Kiva Fellow is to increase awareness of the important work that Kiva’s local partners in Palestine are doing.


One of the tools I’m using towards this aim is the “Palestine” Kiva lending team ( Palestine lending team is a group of individuals coming together to support Palestinian microentrepreneurs through the Kiva platform. I have set a goal to double the size of the team from 50 to 100 members by year’s end and after two weeks, we’ve increased our number to 68!

** If you could all join the lending team and pass this information along to friends and family (especially those interested in lending), you can directly help those living in the West Bank and Gaza obtain the financial resources to improve their livelihoods. **

Thank you for your help and collaboration. I truly believe, and I’m sure you agree, that economic stability and enhanced self-worth are integral parts to justice in Palestine.


Mohammed Al-Shawaf
Kiva Fellow, Palestinian Territories (West Bank)
Skype: mohammed.alshawaf
Twitter: moshawaf

Loans That Change Lives:
Fellows’ Blog:


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