Why write?

I don’t think it’s enjoyable to write about oneself. But Jean’s comment below applies so to briefly introduce myself, I just graduated from Northwestern University this past June. I work for an NGO in Bangalore, India that “works on issues related to public governance in Urban India” and “Participatory Citizenship” in voting and civic issues. I find it easier to use the words of other people.

I post things to this blog as people asked me to do one and my friends ask me to share their causes with everyone and I find stories/social issues/events/art interesting and want to share them but I send enough e-mails as it is and people usually have a different perspective on what I read and see and can add something so those are enough reasons to write. I also will write about India, issues I am working in, and provide pictures/stories for family and friends and friends who I haven’t met. It is important to remember I am a naive, confused, exploring 23-year old, but still, important to share diverse thoughts that come up.

We change a lot over time and it’s helpful to write our ideas to see how much really has changed. I laugh at the things I wrote in previous blogs and I can’t seem to access my blog from three years ago in Jordan during the Lebanon War (if anyone knows how to get info from thespork.com let me know), but I decided to use this old blog from a year plus ago and just add to it. Although I did not use this blog much before so hopefully now I can find/offer some interesting perspectives and please comment and share anything as always learning and such.

I plan to be writing and sharing about India and the work I am doing (electoral reform, civic engagement and grassroots organizing), the limits of the work (questions of systemic change and a lack of a central organization), imperialist wars, prison, parks, mimes, music, culture art whatever with the understanding that everything is interconnected in a global economic and political system and that although I love the US and our successes in activism, that this cannot be the best possible society and that it is important to be critical and question the assumptions and powers in our current place/current historical period. That we need to have a long view of history and of the future, and that our work/ideas should hopefully connect to something inter-generational, and not just scramble around competing for immediate profit. I also tend to ramble a lot as I formulate ideas but that’s why I write.

One final reason from a friend:

“Blogs are another excuse for the CIA and global philanthropic funds to remember your name unnecessarily.”



  1. Nice blog but you should put more color in it! And why don’t you write some personal information in this page?

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